Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009

>◡< ♪ ♫

~ 6th December 2009, Sunday~

In this unnamed place with the opened flower of impulse,

A quiet beginning is told

The Goals of youth seeks after a definite heat

It will release a Signal into this sky

With the repeating days to my back,

I'm looking for the moment to spread my Wings

...Even if it just a lonely hope....

I want to go to an unknown world, Passing ALL MY LIMITS!

With this dream passing out of my entire body

Like a brilliant morning sun that lights a new world,

carry the feeling that born from a brilliant light in your chest

~> Miss this song so much ~ lagi dengerin lagunya di laptop~
Ini translated english dari lirik jepangnya. Bisa tebak ini lagu apa....? ^^
Video clipnya gambar Ryoma semua dari pertama sampe akhir lagu x) *yahh....ketebak dehh*

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